The Art of the College Essay: Second Edition

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"You can do this," Glancy tells us. "I'll show you how." Face-to-face with a blank page and the pressure of writing the most important essay of their lives-the college essay-students often encounter what successful writing coach and college admissions expert Gabrielle Glancy refers to as that which shall not be named-writer's block. "Everyone tells you what you should do-tell a story; start in the middle; show don't tell-but no one tells you how to do it," Glancy explains. Using examples from essays that got students into the colleges of their choice, The Art of the College Essay shows what makes great essays great-and then tells you how to write one. Glancy provides a clear, highly readable, student-tested guide to writing college essays that are so powerful-so gripping, authentic, and real-that the Ad Com can only say yes. Helpful appendices list up-to-date college essay prompts, winning adjectives, grammar tips, trouble-shooting suggestions, and a step-by-step breakdown of the process.

Editorial Reviews


For students, counselors, teachers, parents, writers of all kinds and just plain everyday people who want to know how to write from the inside out, this book is the light at the end of the tunnel. Yael Kropsky, Former Development Coordinator at Scholastic Books Entertainment, Digital Content Expert " . . . . takes the anxiety out of the writing process and replaces it with a completely organic, common sense way of getting to the heart of what you're trying to say . . ." Jessica Brenner, Columbia University The Art of the College Essay will serve as an indispensable guide not only for students writing their college essays, but for anyone who wants to learn to write. Clifford Chase, Author of Winkie and The Tooth Fairy, Visiting Writer Wesleyan University Glancy has an almost spiritual take on the process. It's a real twenty-first century guide to the whole college essay phenomenon. Melissa Feuerstein Research Associate, Davis Center, Harvard University Gabrielle Glancy has written an innovative, entertaining, utterly brilliant how-to guide on writing college essays that will revolutionize the art of teaching writing. I read the book in one night and laughed all the way through. She's funny. And super insightful!

From the Author

Sometimes I feel more like a shaman than a college counselor.  To write an amazing essay, one that will knock the socks off whoever reads it -- and that's what it takes to tip the scales in your favor -- you have to take an amazing journey.
The Second Edition of The Art of the College Essay provides more in-depth analysis and even clearer direction on how to write that winning college essay.

From the Back Cover

No one has ever even come close to articulating what Gabrielle Glancy proposes in this book -- that you must get lost in order to get found.  The Art of the College Essay will change the landscape of college essay writing -- and the teaching of writing in general.  This book is a gift to the world.  Dr. Illana Berger

About the Author

With a knack for knowing just the right formula to help students succeed where they have struggled and get in where they want to go, Gabrielle Glancy is one of the foremost professionals in her field.  Headquartered in the Bay Area, she is well known all around the world for her college admissions expertise.  She is also a widely published writer.

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