GMAT Sentence Correction Guide: Concepts, Strategies, Practice Questions, GMAT Foundation Course & Verbal E-Books

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Let’s take the case of Sentence Correction (SC) on the GMAT. This section requires you to read five variants of a sentence and identify the one that is grammatically and semantically correct.

When a Non - Native English speaker sees these choices, his first impulse is to pick the option that intuitively “sounds right”. Chances are that he will get it wrong!

Our focus in GMAT Sentence Correction is on building your concepts and giving you clear, logical explanations to every incorrect answer choice and sufficient tips and tools to help you make educated guesses where necessary.

The techniques discussed in this book, are specifically designed for Non Native English Speakers.

Apart from strategies and practice problems, we have also included in this book

>Cracker Tips for every possible topic and practice questions

>Online GMAT Foundation Course: To strengthen your base for GMAT

>4 Verbal E-books:

1.Frequently Tested Patterns on Critical Reasoning
2.18 Grammar Concepts on GMAT®
3.Reading Comprehension on GMAT®
4.100 Tough GMAT ® Questions with Solutions

About the Author:

CrackVerbal is a unique name in the test prep industry. We at Crack Verbal have designed a Non Native Approach to American Tests (GMAT and GRE) after a decade of teaching and research.
Starting out in 2006 with 6 students in a coffee - shop today, Crack Verbal has catered to thousands of aspirants, many of whom have made it to prestigious schools such as Harvard, Wharton, MIT, Kellogg, ISB & others

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  • Publisher: CrackVerbal Edutech Pvt Ltd; 1 edition (May 21, 2017)
  • Publication Date: May 21, 2017

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