GMAT Reading Comprehension Guide: Concepts, Mapping Technique, Practice Passages

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CrackVerbal Reading Comprehension Guide teaches you some very powerful Reading Comprehension techniques including Critical Reading, Mapping and Identifying the GIST of a passage .

We at Crack Verbal have designed strategies based on a Non Native Approach. Apart from general RC Strategies and question - specific techniques, we have included in this book Tools and Tips for all topics and practice drills to help you reinforce the concepts learned.

After going through the book you will be able to read and map effectively and solve difficult passages easily.

Apart from strategies and practice problems, we have also included in this book :

>Cracker Tips for every possible topic and practice questions

>Online GMAT Foundation Course: To strengthen your base for GMAT

>4 Verbal E- books:

1.Frequently Tested Patterns on Critical Reasoning
2.18 Grammar Concepts on GMAT®
3.Reading Comprehension on GMAT®
4.100 Tough GMAT ® Questions with Solutions


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