Chili Hot GMAT Math Review

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CHILI HOT GMAT: MATH REVIEW will help readers develop the skills and mindset needed to score high on the quantitative section of the GMAT exam. Each hand-selected problem comes with a Classification, Snapshot, and Chili Rating. Classification serves to identify each problem according to category or sub-category. Snapshot highlights why that particular problem was chosen, including the underlying problem-solving principle or strategic approach. Chili Rating helps candidates gauge the estimated difficulty level of a given problem. A single chili indicates that the estimated difficulty level of a given problem is "mild" (500 to 590 difficulty level), two chilies spell "hot" (600 to 690 difficulty level), and three chilies signal "very hot" (700 or above difficulty level). By studying problems of varying difficulty, candidates will learn to maintain discipline on easy but tricky math problems and also to exercise flexibility when deciding on multiple approaches and time-saving shortcuts for use in tackling harder, more involved problems.

Note to readers: This book contains the excerpted math sections from the parent title Chili Hot GMAT: 200 All-Star Problems to Get You a High Score on Your GMAT Exam.

Editorial Reviews


"Finally, a book that helps you master those learning skills that are critical to success on the GMAT." --Linda B. Meehan Assistant Dean & Executive Director of Admissions, Columbia Business School

"This author's approach enabled me to increase my score from 650 to 730. I believe that Brandon's unique way of categorizing each type of question, giving insightful tips to master these problems, as well as the detailed analysis for each set of problems were key factors in my cracking the test. Moreover, I found in his materials, problems that I did not find anywhere else and which were critical on the D-day when answering a few extra questions right made the difference between a good score and an excellent one." --Cédric Gouliardon, Telecom Specialist; INSEAD graduate

From the Publisher

Whether you're a candidate already enrolled in a test-prep course or are undertaking self-study, this book will serve as a rigorous skill-building study guide to help you conquer the quantitative section of the GMAT exam.

About the Author

A graduate of the University of Chicago's Booth School of Business and certified public accountant, Brandon first developed an expertise in GMAT test-taking and MBA admissions strategies while working overseas for the Hong Kong branch of the world's largest test-prep organization. This book represents his distilled experience gained from classroom teaching on two continents and individual tutor sessions that have helped hundreds of applicants beat the GMAT and achieve acceptance at the world's leading business schools.

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  • Paperback: 212 pages
  • Publisher: Maven Publishing

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