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“After months spent evaluating every aspect of their GMAT practice exams, it’s clear that Veritas Prep has mastered the science of test simulation. They offer thousands of realistic questions that have been validated using Item Response Theory and a powerful computer adaptive testing algorithm that closely matches that of the real GMAT® exam. Simply stated, Veritas Prep gives students a remarkably accurate measure of how they will perform on the Official GMAT.”


- Lawrence M. Rudner, PhD, MBA. Former Chief Psychometrician at GMAC and the definitive authority on the GMAT exam.

What’s included with each practice test?
Just like you do on the real test, you get one AWA, 12 Integrated Reasoning, 37 Quant, and 41 Verbal questions. In addition, you get to review every test and every question once you’ve completed the test. As part of that review, you get detailed solutions to every question, pacing analysis, raw Quant and Verbal scores, total overall score, data on how you performed vs. other students, and more.

What else is included when I register?
In addition to the one free test available here, you also gain access to Veritas Prep’s GMAT Question Bank, which holds hundreds of additional realistic free GMAT practice questions.

Why do I need to set a password?
Your password allows you to log in at any time and review any practice tests you have completed, resume tests you have paused, and track your progress over time.


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